Collecting details: In the bleak midwinter

A Wilderness of Words

Observing, collecting details as “glimmers of a beginning.”  A way of finding a story to tell.  That was the challenge this week.

in the bleak midwinter

Somewhere outside my window a machine hums incessantly for the second day in a row.  Its motor drones, the constant whirring sound punctuated by louder grinding noises.  Like a monster being fed, its appetite is ravenous.  It will not be sated.  My husband would be at the window checking to see where the sound is coming from, which neighbor has wood to chip this time of year.  But my husband is at work.  And I am too lazy, too disinterested to check out where Smaug is being used.  It doesn’t really matter in whose yard the machine/monster feeds.  Noise is noise.

Our yard has lots of trees and an overabundance of bittersweet.  The vine sidles up alongside the trees, curling a sinuous path out along limbs, growing thick…

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Let the adventure begin!

So I decided to create a blog for the new year(s) ahead. Let’s do a brief on me to start. I’m 23; I am married with three daughters; I am a senior set to graduate in December 2014 with a Bachelors Degree in Studio Art; I am a portrait artist and do this for extra funds :); Lastly, I am getting my tattoo apprenticeship started within the next few months! Now that that’s settled,…. Its Christmas Eve!! I don’t really have as many cool plans as I thought I could for my kids. They are still fairly young and won’t remember whats going on just yet anyways. Today we plan on making/decorating sugar cookies for Santa, reading some Christmas stories, cleaning the house so Santa doesn’t think we are totally filthy (lol), and maybe making some chicken and mashed potatoes for dinner 🙂 Maybe asking my sister to come over with the most handsome nephew ever 🙂 The husband is working a double today, not my idea of a great time, but we could always use the money. 

I have two more portrait drawings to do before I have enough money saved to get some ink done. (Super Excited!!!) These portrait drawings have been a great experience. I’ve learned so much and am quite fast anymore! I would like to continue doing them, but I will have to raise my prices to make sure I am not wasting time or money on supplies. This process has made my confidence much more stable and once I start tattooing, I would like to make this my specialty 🙂 Everyone wants a FLAWLESS portrait tattoo ❤